It took awhile for winter to arrive in the Midwest, but sadly, it is finally here! Though the weather isn’t ideal, it brings a whole new wardrobe to play with for all of the Fashionistas/os on campus. This is the first time I am featuring a Fashionisto, and I have to say, it feels good to mix it up!

In the winter months, I have always struggled with how to style a heavy coat. Do I try and match my jacket with my outfit? Will it look weird if I am wearing dressy heels and a huge puffy coat? These are the questions that keep me up at night, people! Thankfully, this Fashionisto reminded me just how simple it can be to make a winter coat look RAD.

He chose a light colored jacket to go along with his semi-casual look. The neutral color gives him a lot of room to play with patterns or brighter colors in the rest of his ensemble. I love that he featured a pastel button-down shirt. Pastels make it easy to add a pop of color but still make a subtle statement. His gray pants contrast well with his shirt and are a great staple piece for his wardrobe. Lastly, the light gray sneakers are unique because they aren’t “matchy-matchy” with the rest of his outfit. After seeing all of the runway trends for the upcoming seasons, it is clear that matching isn’t imperative for a great outfit. So, be bold my fellow Fashionistas/os!

One Simple Change: To take this look from semi-casual to casual, I would simply switch out the button-down for a hoodie, add a beanie and call it a day!