February 4th, 2016 at 2:00am

Ahhh, at last the first snowfall of the season. Every season the same complaint arises: When will it be hot again? When will it be cold again? However, for some reason, the warm weather lasted a lot longer than expected, leaving many individuals very comfortable wearing warm weather clothing. We knew it was too good to be true and at last—just like children—we wake up, hop out of bed and peek through the blinds at the sparkling crisp white snow that lies upon us. For many, the sight of snow carries a harsh reality that temperatures are nearing record lows, but for others it presents the perfect excuse to bundle up in chunky knits, oversized sweaters and a great pair of boots perfect for ensuring the ice won’t get the best of us.

Winter styles are starkly known for being rather lifeless and carrying a brutal feeling of dismay. The days are shorter, the sun rarely surfaces and our paleness makes it hard to feel full of life. Such realities call for many to turn their backs on style and put warmth into first gear. Neutral lust lacking colors, big sweatpants and fuzzy socks top the charts for the winter season, leaving many feeling lifeless and drawn out.

For Fashionistas, this is far from the case. There are plenty of looks that provide both warmth and an essence of style. Winter break poses the perfect time to explore the endless possibilities and boundaries within cold weather dressing. This season is all about looking fabulous and feeling even more fabulous! The cold certainly cannot top a great mood and ear to ear smile. Within whatever you’re wearing, the most important triumph is being yourself. Style peaks from a beaming aura of confidence.

This Fashionista surely has the perfect smile, but what makes her shine even brighter is her overwhelming sense of confidence and positivity that she radiates. The clothes don’t stand a chance against an attitude like hers. What makes her sense of style so meaningful is how her attitude and personality completes the look. A signature cowl-neck sweater provides an extra layer of warmth and a super cute unique twist to just a plain sweater. What makes it even better is the shade of red which proves that this winter season is the best time to brighten the mood. The thick printed fabric of the sweater layered on top is seemingly the best of both worlds. As it adds an extra layer of warmth and breaks up the colors within the outfit. And who could forget no outfit is ever complete without a clutch to hold all your necessities. This clutch is small, yet practical, with its neutral color and large inside.

One Simple Change: Looking to hit the town this winter break with your friends? There’s no better way to make a statement than ditching the sweatshirt for a more stylish, yet practical sweater that will be sure to impress for any occasion.