In Texas, we get two variations of winter weather: miserably cold and damp or pleasant 70 degree weather. Thankfully, right now we are bathing in the wonderful 70 degree sun in the middle of February. This means bits and pieces of our spring wardrobes get to make their way out of the backs of our closets. This also makes my job finding Fashionistas and Fashionistos on campus a rather simple one as everyone is sporting their spring best. Within minutes of my campus search, I found this denim beauty strolling through Rudder Plaza.

With the denim and prairie influence still prevalent in most collections, it is no surprise that this Fashionista is decked out in one of America’s favorite fabrics. Long sleeved T-shirt dresses are perfect for this time of year when it is chillier in the morning then warm by noon. Since T-shirt dresses don’t have much body to them, this Fashionista defined her waistline by adding a Western-inspired belt. One of the best ways to mix denim on denim is to either pick different shades or patterns of denim, which this Fashionista did with her printed backpack. Lastly, she finished off the look with a pop of red from her flats for easy walking on campus.

One Simple Change: Have only morning classes with time for brunch afterwards with friends? Change up this look by changing out the heavy book bag for a fun purse. It can either stay in the denim scheme or add more color for a different look!