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February 1st, 2016 at 2:07am

Happy second semester, Fashionista/os! Lets be real here: we all know what the beginning of second semester means. It means barely getting out of bed on a cold morning and trudging all the way across campus just to see that class was cancelled. These days, I know just how easy it can be to loosen the reigns on your standards and throw on a pair of sweatpants before heading to class, but I’m telling you right now: don’t let it happen. Just because it is intolerable outside doesn’t mean your style game has to take a backseat. There are so many ways to keep warm while staying current with your look that do not include Uggs and/or a puffy parka. Getting out of bed on cold mornings can be hardI’m almost too familiarbut I promise that putting on a cute, trendy outfit will help you get through the day and back in your sweats in no time.

This Fashionista took 2016 into her own hands and tackled a cold, blustery day with ease. Though she easily could have reached for her trusty black puffy coat, she decided to pile on the layers instead. Layering is a technique I think every Fashionista/o needs to understand and seriously take advantage of. It is so important to be able to know how to layer in order to create a functional look that keeps you warm without looking like someone who’s getting ready to hit the slopes. This Fashionista shows off her layering skills by throwing on a classic red flannel over a knit off-white sweater. On top, she wears a light canvas jacket. Though the pieces on their own are not of much substance when it comes to staying warm, they look cute and are effective when layered together.

To keep the outfit simple, she wears slightly-distressed jeans and a pair of tan lace-up ankle booties. The booties have a knit detail that ties in so well with her knit sweater and beanie that she wears for an extra bit of warmth. For accessories beyond the beanie, this Fashionista wears stacks of bracelets on her wrists and a few rings. She told me this is her daily ritual, and feels wrong when her wrists are bare. The bangles aren’t all the same, but look super cute and casual with her look.

This outfit is great for going to class on the dreary winter mornings that are inevitably ahead of us, or running errands on the weekends. She is warm, but does not appear bulky or like getting out of bed was a major force, even if it totally was. Two pro tips to take away from this: layers are key and faking it ’til you make it is real. Layering up can save you from a trip down sweatpants lane and forcing yourself to put on a cute outfit for class can seriously transform your day.

One Simple Change: To take this layered look from class to a night out, ditch the layers and go with the jeans, booties and sweater. It’s a classic look perfect for going out to dinner or hanging out with friends. Add a necklace for a hint of sparkle and you’re good to go!