On one of the chilliest days this winter, I decided to explore a few boutiques and specialty shops after enjoying a double-dirty chai tea latte and a chocolate chip scone at a cozy, quaint coffee shop. While strolling through town in my black leggings and fur-hooded parka, I spotted an ankle-length camel coat across the street. After nearly halting traffic and tripping over the awkwardly high pavement, I approached the chic Fashionista. Almost startling her, I quickly explained the reason for my excitement: how I had found the perfect first subject for my CollegeFashionista post.

Although the camel duster had initially caught my eye, the rest of the Fashionista’s outfit really made me fall in love. Coupling a pair of light gray corduroys with a clean cashmere gray turtleneck, this Fashionista creates a stylish, monochromatic look with a touch of elegance. Her structured black tote, Armani Exchange frames and Michael Kors gold watch add sophistication while her Nike sneakers juxtapose the otherwise elegant outfit.

Throughout the fall, we have seen sneakers paired with chic outfits to build an effortless, yet trendy ensemble worn by supermodels like Kendall Jenner and by stars like Rihanna. Sneakers were arguably the biggest trend and the trend most largely adopted in 2015. adidas Stan Smith, New Balance’s Classics, Nike’s Air Max and the Puma by Rihanna Creeper became common household items. Many Fashionistas/os loved how sneakers had the ability to create a casual and comfortable, yet particularly chic look.

This small-town Fashionista used this trend and knocked her outfit out of Berks County (where my hometown lies). Her effortlessness created envy among bystanders while her comfort, thanks to the sneakers, allowed her to glide through boutiques and coffee shops. Her wintertime outfit choice is one to be envious of, but also one to copy!

One Simple Change: Want an outfit that can morph from daytime chic to nighttime sexy? Scrap the sneakers, frames and cords. Then add a high-waist black leather skirt and strappy pumps before winging your eyeliner and spritzing on your favorite perfume. These simple changes can create a trendy going out look from a stylish, casual daytime outfit.