January 29th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hello to the New Year and hello to new amazing trends that can change your look. 2016 will shine with the colors of rule breakers and innovators that will bring down all the fashion limitations we have had in the past. We start the year here at Babson College with the cold crisp air of winter. Winter is a great season for fashion lovers because of layering. This is the season to play with textures and accessories. With the right combination of pieces, you won’t have to fear the cold and you will always be fashionably warm.

First and foremost, have the essential winter pieces for the everyday look: a very warm jacket, a soft T-shirt and high-quality winter boots. Then, mix up the look with accessories: scarves, hats, sunglasses, gloves, earmuffs and fluffy sweaters to add the personality and texture you want for the look.

Let’s start analyzing: The most important piece for winter is a high-tech jacket in a basic color such as black, white, beige and gray. Here our subject wears a Canada Goose jacket, which is a great choice for a really cold place. You want the jacket to be a basic color because you will be wearing it everyday, so you want it to match as many outfits as possible. To change up the look of your go-to jacket, you can do as this Fashionisto did and throw on a nice scarf. Here he mixed a traditional men’s scarf and a scarf from the Galleries Lafayette department store. It is commonly known that a scarf can change up a simple look by adding color and texture, so don’t forget this great accessory when dressing for the winter. Mixing two scarves and twisting them together is a cool way to stand out this season. Following the scarves we can see the next essential, the basic t-shirt peeking under the scarves in a deep plum red color. The subject wears Robert Barakett’s Georgia slim fit T-shirt. This brand’s products are stylish and soft beyond belief. Next, a good pair of winter boots. The subject sports classic Timberland Boots. Lastly, to add character, the look is completed with a pair of Tom Ford sunglasses.

One Simple Change: To change your day look into a night look during the winter, you can switch up your daily jacket to a smarter wool coat. Switch to some statement shoes. Also, for the Fashionistas/os out there that enjoy lipstick, get a bold lip on and you will be set for a night out.