January 28th, 2016 at 2:10am

Canadian winter (also known as the season of sweatpants) can be a difficult time to stay fashionable while keeping warm!  Wearing layers of outerwear can really make or break an outfit, since they can cover up all the hard work put into your attire. This Fashionista’s ability to layer while displaying her whole outfit makes her look that much more admirable.

She started building her outfit with a pair of sleek black leggings, paired with a striped cotton shirt. These essentials are very comfortable and provide a simple base to add warmer layers as needed. In order to keep cozy, she added a knit gray cardigan, which is also a great way to add some texture to the look. Her outerwear includes a classic trench coat topped with the best part of winter fashion: accessories!

Because her layers were quite neutral and simple in pattern, she was able to spice up this outfit without looking too overdone using fun outerwear. This Fashionista added a light scarf to add back some colour to the look, and keep her outfit from looking too gloomy.  She also used patterned gloves to break up the black dominating from her coat and pants. Finally, she added some nice thick socks to keep those toes warm and add a transition between her shoes and the bottom of her leggings.

One Simple Change: To easily escape from the cold outdoors to a brunch with your friends, change the shoes to a pair of lighter and more sophisticated flats.  They can easily be stored in your purse on the go and will completely transform this look from chilly to chic!