January 26th, 2016 at 2:00am

During the winter months, weather in Georgia can go one way or the other. The weather last December was in the mid to upper sixties. Thankfully, this month, the temperatures have decreased dramatically, ranging from thirty degrees to sixty degrees, which means everyone can at last put away their summer clothing and bring out their knits, cardigans and jackets. The only problem with winter wear is it seems to have a reputation for being less stylish than other seasons’ clothing, because you sometimes have to choose between fashion or function. Choosing an outfit during the winter months seems to be a serious task; however, this Fashionista makes choosing a winter look seem like a breeze. She shows us that you do not necessary have to choose all winter wear in order to look fabulous in the winter, especially in the South where the constant change in temperature dictates what you wear.

This Fashionista’s boho-chic style definitely shows off her unique personality, creating a individualist theme for her look. The Fashionista’s booties are on-trend for this season. The ruffles at the bottom of the tunic blouse give the outfit a sense of flair. The vest has several different designs elements throughout, making the whole outfit come together. This Fashionista knows how to rock her outfit by putting different pieces together that are all earth tones. She shows us that finding ways to incorporate different pieces from our wardrobe is the key to winter style. That way you are able to stand out with your own personal style. This is what winter is about, showing off your personal style by wearing your favorite accessories to go along with any type of clothing whether it is considered winter wear or not.

One Simple Change:  Add a jacket to this outfit for those cold days. I love this jacket because it is so chic and does not take away from the outfit when it is not being incorporated into this outfit.