WHAT TO WEAR: Wildly Warm Winter

For those blessed to be out West, especially in the SoCal area, seasons are oh-so-subtle. When it comes to “wintertime”, Fashionistas’ first instincts are to pull out their chunky sweaters, blanket scarves, and over-the-knee-boots. While this may be a perfect outfit for most of the country in February, Fashionistas in Southern California would likely be drenched in sweat just from walking to class. Instead, the trick for warm winters in LA is light layers.

On Sunday, I caught up with this Fashionista mid-study at a little coffee shop. I was impressed by how she successfully managed to layer up without bundling up. She paired a black cropped tank with a sparkly, sheer top over it and chose ripped mom jeans for the bottom. With plans to walk around and shop a bit after, the Fashionista opted for a pair of high-top Vans. Additionally, in keeping with this past year’s denim-on-denim trend, the Fashionista chose a vintage, oversize denim jacket to rock with her pants. The distressing of the pants and the slight color variation made this denim look trendy instead of reminiscent of Justin Timberlake in a denim suit in 2001.

From a cold morning to a sunny afternoon to a chilly evening, this Fashionista’s versatile ensemble was practical for the day of this warm winter season. Some Fashionistas may be nervous to mix fabrics like mesh and ripped denim, but the combo creates texture that adds a pop to this look. Though this ensemble may not be suitable for all Fashionistas yet, it is a great outfit for weather unpredictability, whether that be in winter, spring, summer, or fall.