WHAT TO WEAR: When You’re Afraid of Wearing Color

WHAT TO WEAR: When You’re Afraid of Wearing Color

Lately, it’s been all about the neutrals and creating a clean and crisp look. But it feels like these days, we could all use a little pop of color in our lives — and that includes our wardrobe. As Pantone indicated by their choice in the color of the year for 2017, color is definitely making its way back into popular fashion.

In my most recent shopping excursion, even I actually bought a few items in an array of vibrant colors, which was a little outside (no, really outside) of my normal purchasing choices. For some reason I was just attracted to the bright orange, red, and yellow items that I ended up buying. As we make our way into spring, a pop of color among an otherwise neutral palette is the perfect way to transition into the season. Let’s be honest: it’s probably the only way I’ll be able to implement these vibrant hues into my everyday looks.

It seems as though I am not alone, as this Fashionista felt the same way: In an otherwise all-black ensemble, down to the shoes, she introduced the bright color of yellow and a little texture to the look. Adding this faux-leather skirt is the easiest way to branch out from your other wise subdued color palette while staying in line with your personal style and preferred aesthetic.

If you’re still a little weary of wearing a bright color, start small by wearing a bright nail polish or a piece with vibrant floral embellishments. Even these small nods to spring can help brighten your look and get you out of your winter-y mood.