WHAT TO WEAR: When Winter May Be Coming

I’m sorry, did you say December is here?  Since when did we make it to month 12 of 12 and more importantly, why doesn’t it feel like December?  I will say that I am slightly upset at the fact that we are officially in holiday season and it doesn’t feel like it, but on the flip side, at least we can manage to work the last of our fall wardrobe for just another week or so, right?

This Fashionisto, like most college students I would assume, is soaking up the last of the fall air before Northeast Ohio gets slammed with snow for the winter—and did I mention that I love that he is doing it in style? Many students often get the idea in their head that as soon as the temperature drops below 55 degrees, sweatpants and sweatshirts are the only way that they can comfortably make it to class in the supposedly unbearable temperature (I laugh at this because being from upstate New York has prepared me for just about any weather pattern you could think of). But wait! What if there was a way that you could look stylish AND be comfortable at the same time—good news for all of you, because there is definitely a way to make that happen.

Ever since I started college a year and a half ago, I have learned that flannels and any type of jogger/comfortable jean are my best friend. Even when you don’t need to overthink your look, you can still pull yourself together with joggers that have a cool pattern or stitching, like this Fashionisto chose to do, or you can layer your look with a flannel on top to cap it off. One thing that really helps this Fashionisto stand out among a sea of flannels is how he chose to layer—with even just a T-shirt and light sweatshirt underneath his top layer, the look comes off as highly trendy even with minimal effort put in. To finish the look, the Fashionisto added his blue Herschel backpack and black Dr. Martens as small details that tie the entire outfit together. Choosing shoes and accessories can most definitely make or break an outfit, so the way that this Fashionisto matched his color scheme in the overall look is what made the outfit standout.

With winter (maybe) just around the corner, break out your flannels and comfy joggers one last time before you fall victim to huddling and hiding your outfits under layers of blankets and scarves.