WHAT TO WEAR: When the Weather Outside is Frightful

Erie, PA has some of the most inconsistent weather ever. Last week we were in the mid-forties range, and in the past five days we’ve already had two major winter storms. This outfit is perfect for a day out in the frigid cold.

Layering is so important, especially when you’re running in and out of classes and around campus. She pairs her turtleneck top with plain jeans and a long cardigan. Over the cardigan, she layers a heavy winter jacket (a winter necessity). Thick coats are great for staying warm, and they don’t have to be frumpy! Picking a coat that fits your style and accessorizing well makes it so that you never have to compromise your outfit for warmth.

A major key to staying warm and stylish is the scarf. Blanket scarves are one of the hottest trends right now, both for the fashion aspect and the comfort. When you layer up in one of these scarves, you’ve got an ultimate protection against the cold air. This Fashionista pairs a classic plaid print with the pop of red to her neutral-toned outfit. It brings a layer of warmth and style to the overall look of the outfit.

Boots are another very important thing to stock up on—I’ve got about 10 different pairs. This Fashionista is wearing thigh high boots with the outfit, and though they usually aren’t the best in winter she says she paired them with thicker socks to help her stay warm. When there isn’t too much snow on the ground, these are perfect to break out and wear, and they give your calves an extra layer of warmth!

This winter isn’t over yet, but with some wishes and positive thoughts, it may be less harsh. Stay stylish and safe out there!