WHAT TO WEAR: When The Weather Is Weird

WHAT TO WEAR: When The Weather Is Weird

It’s been a strange winter here in Toronto. The weather has been confusingly warm and there’s hardly any snow. It brings up the following question: What on earth is happening?

When spending all day at school, you might leave your home on a mild, sunny morning, only to find that the temperature has dropped 10 degrees. This inconsistent weather has made getting ready in the morning a challenge, because you have to figure out what outfit will comfortably get you through the day.

This Fashionista was spotted grabbing lunch on campus in a pair of thigh-high black suede boots with tights, a gray sweatshirt dress, and an oversize bomber jacket. The boots work like pseudo pants, keeping the majority of her legs covered in case a cold Toronto wind picks up. I like that she paired the boots with sheer tights — opaque ones would blend too much with the boot color, making their height hard to see.

Her bomber adds a fun pop of color with its construction logo on the back. With the hoodie dress underneath, this Fashionista is able to keep the icy air from cutting through. Her dress also has a hood, which would come in handy if it rained. I love that she kept her color palette fairly neutral so as to make the construction emblem the showstopper.

Overall the look is a simple, minimalist way to feel comfortable and still look ridiculously chic. If this strange weather stays for the rest of winter, layering a couple of oversize pieces could keep you warm without the commitment of a heavy-duty parka.