WHAT TO WEAR: When Fall Fakes You Out

It’s 80 degrees in November, and Donald Trump is running for president; spooky things are going down in 2016.

Usually by this time of the year, we are getting ready to break out our winter coats, but I suppose either someone forgot to alert mother nature that it’s supposed to be getting colder, or she forgot how to autumn. I, for one, certainly am not complaining about these uncharacteristically warm temperatures, and it seems as though this Fashionista is similarly content to be able to rock a jumper without having to wear tights underneath or cover it up with a bulky jacket.

This Fashionista’s fall attire is perfect for the season. She’s serving some serious autumn vibes with this dark, sophisticated color scheme. This look to me says “small town scarecrow meets NYFW street style.” It’s perfect for residing in the giant cornfield that is Central Illinois while still dressing effortlessly chic. Also I recently watched The Wizard of Oz so I’ve got scarecrows on the brain.

The average scarecrow wouldn’t have the courage to pull off this adorable corduroy jumper, but this Fashionista rocks it effortlessly. I am in love with this article of clothing; jumpers contain all the fun of overalls without the restriction of having to wear pants, because according to science, the amount of pants you wear is inversely proportional to your overall happiness (look it up).

Everybody knows that any decent scarecrow wouldn’t be caught dead without a flannel. The scarecrow chic look gets an upgrade as this Fashionista layered her jumper over a flannel and topped it all off with wool fedora. When you have this much perfection happening in one look, you’ll need to keep the accessories simple as this Fashionista did with a small pendant necklace and a pair of shades.

One particular detail of this outfit I’m obsessing over is the subtle, monochromatic burgundy theme this Fashionista maintains from her colored lenses all the way down to her ankle boots. If you need some inspiration for a stylish fall outfit to restore your faith in the world during some confusing fall times, look no further than this Fashionista right here.