WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

I often think that guys have it so much easier when it comes to fashion. When the question about what to wear arises, there are only so many options that they have to choose from. Just think about it, every red carpet Fashionista has a wide range of styles and accessories to choose from. The wrong up-do and she is deemed to not be stylish enough. Men on the other hand can just put on a decent suit and relax.

Despite having it easier, there are still couple of simple steps men can take to polish their outfits (if they are so inclined). This Fashionisto did a good job of perfecting a casual weekend wear look. It’s simple, comfortable and stylish. He started with black skinny jeans—a wardrobe must for an everyday wear. Make sure the jeans fit you properly to ensure a sleeker look. The elastic band on the bottom of his jeans added a casual feel. Next, he wore a striped gray T-shirt, a step up from your go-to regular plain T-shirt.  Every Fashionisto needs to keep in mind that a nice pair of shoes is a very important component to every look. These particular shoes can be both casual and semi-formal. Black Timberland boots are perfect for everyday wear. Not only are they comfortable and sturdy, but also stylish. From going to class and then going to a movie date, this outfit is perfect for so many occasions.

One Simple Change: You can easily make this outfit suitable for more formal occasions, like presentations, by throwing on a blazer on top.