WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

After a long week of school work and studying the weekend is a safe haven for college students to finally take a break. With a long day ahead of her, this Fashionista chose a look that could easily transition between her weekend activities. Her simplistic style allows for her to be appropriately dress for any situation.

Her bomber jacket is a great fall jacket because of the versatility between seasons. Being in upstate New York, the weather is always unpredictable. In the morning it can be pouring raining and by noon the weather has changed to warm and sunny. So it is essential to bring a jacket wherever you go to make it through the day. Going with her all black outfit, her top an black jeans pair perfectly with this look. The cross-over top is a simple piece that can either be worn during the day or night, no matter the occasion. To finish off the look, she is wearing black booties and a leather tote bag. A tote bag is another weekend essential to hold all of your daily supplies, whether it is a laptop or an extra change of clothes.

Just as this Fashionista put together a versatile weekend look with an all-black outfit, so can you. Although some people tend to stay away from black to avoid looking moody, black is a great color that automatically takes any look from casual to chic.

One Simple Change: When the week comes back around, you can easily repeat this outfit to go to class. Swap out the ankle boots for a comfortable pair of black sneakers to get around campus.