WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

September 30th, 2015 at 2:00am

The UIUC campus here in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois is in a constant state of hustling and bustling as students meander in and out of the nearest coffee shop, dodge the bikers who are zooming down the sidewalks and sprint to make it to their next class. Among all this craziness, the anticipation for the weekend lingers. The countdown to those well-needed days begin as soon as we wake up for that grueling Monday 8:00 a.m. that we regret signing up for.

We survive another week of blaring alarms, deadlines and monotone lectures, finally arriving at the weekend; the two days of treasured freedom we get each week to spend our time however we choose. Some may go for a peaceful walk around the arboretum (such as this Fashionista did), lounge on the quad with a good book or my personal favorite, sip on fresh brewed coffee at the nearest cafe. Between narrowing down the weekend activities and preparing for another week of class up ahead, choosing a weekend outfit can be a daunting task.

On the weekends, laziness sets in. Sometimes thinking about a weekend outfit feels too demanding. Instead, we settle for our favorite oversized T-shirt, matching running shorts and a worn-out baseball cap to mask our tangled hair, but finding the perfect mesh of trendy and comfy is easier than it may seem.

This Fashionista seamlessly blended all parts of her outfit into a cohesive, yet laid back, look as she jumped right into the beat of the weekend. She is wearing a black floppy hat, adding sophistication to the look while also shading out the beaming rays of sunlight on this fall afternoon. She paired a simple black crop top with vibrant maroon printed shorts.

Keeping true to the comfortable aspect of her outfit, she picked cotton shorts that were loose fitting, which allowed her to move freely without feeling restricted. The nude, strapped leather sandals with a thick heel adds some spunk to this outfit and brings out the similar color in the design on the Fashionista’s shorts. Cardigans are a necessity for any fall wardrobe because in addition to keeping you warm as fall breezes roll through, they help fashionistas make infinitely new outfit combinations. Layering a cardigan on top of an outfit gives depth and movement to an ensemble, which this fashionista illustrated perfectly.

One Simple Change: This outfit can be easily dressed up for a fancier occasion, like a Sunday brunch with friends or family. Adding a sleek, nude satchel and switching the sandals out for heeled beige booties are some ways to take this outfit to a dressier level. Throw on some gold jewels, such as a long necklace or stackable bracelets, and you are ready to go!