WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

With school making its way into daily routines, a college student’s only liberation from the dreaded syllabus week is the perfect weekend! Before your workload takes up every second of your free time, the first few weekends of school are the most essential for you to run free and socialize until you pass out. These two days of the week are the only ones that you can spend with whoever you want, doing whatever you want and going wherever you want without drowning in research papers. This gives you the perfect opportunity to meet new people, reunite with old friends and feel fresh in that new outfit you bought just for the upcoming school year. This weekend I implore you to put on your most free flowing outfit and join your friends and classmates out of the class room and spend a night around town.

This Fashionista’s outfit is perfect for any social weekend occasion. This loose fitting chiffron cropped cami is perfectly light and loose, allowing you to move however you please and be ready for whatever heatwave you may or may not be experiencing this year. Nothing could complement this top more than this pair of print flared pants. These pants have both a formal and casual appearance to them, allowing you to slip from early morning brunch to night time coffee hour with ease. The unrestricting nature of these pants allows ultimate comfort and a perfect fit for anyone who is lucky enough to wear them. Put together, this shirt and pants combo is a sure fire way to wow your friends and let you hold onto that summer freedom before midterms take over!  Thankfully you can grab both of these items at Forever 21.

Also, don’t forget to add accessories to your outfit! The rose and tortoise resin watch is a perfect addition to this outfit and a very bold one at that. The rose color is a perfect complement to the Fashionista’s look and style. Never forget to dress up your outfit with accessories and shoes that work with it!

One Simple Change: Although this outfit is good for any occasion, if needed, you can easily add a light cardigan or small blazer to add a much more presentation ready appearance to your already powerful look!