WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Maybe I’ve been living for the weekend lately. I hate to admit it this early in the semester, but here we are. Senior year has me spent and all I want to think about is Fashion Week, September issues and future internships. The last thing I want to think about is that paper I have due for Greek Tragedy but, as any other senior knows, we press on.

When it comes to the weekend, thoughts are lighter and a little more carefree. The weekends allot us time for the things we actually enjoy, the things that define us as more than our majors. This weekend I got to hang out with this fellow photographer and Fashionisto and talk projects. As someone who also appreciates fashion and a weekend well spent, I thought his look perfectly captured this Tallahassee weekend when we started to get a taste of fall weather.

He kept it easy in athletic basics with his adidas graphic T-shirt, joggers, baseball cap and Vans high tops. The floral button-down gave the look a post summer feel that transitions well into the fall months (and as an added bonus, this one is on sale.)

One Simple Change: Because we are nearing the cooler months, it will be vital to add a thicker layer if we want to keep the weekend adventures coming. Simply swap out that sleeveless button-down for a cool graphic sweatshirt like this one from adidas. Since we are mixing sweatshirts with joggers, it might have the tendancy to look a bit frumpy. To avoid this, stick to one with an interesting design that looks more like an art piece rather than the sweatshirt you only wear to eat Ben & Jerry’s and watch Netflix in. For ladies, this sweatshirt is a great way to utilize the floral and jogger combo this Fashionisto sports.