WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Is it just me or does everyone start having flashbacks to those horrific middle school days at even the slightest mention of a jean skirt? I’ll never forget when popping the collar of your lime green Hollister Co. polo over your Abercrombie & Fitch denim mini skirt was not only an acceptable way to dress, but basically mandatory. Somehow this trend has managed to revamp itself and make its way back into our lives and has become a staple for a Fashionista’s weekend wear.

Whether you are lounging out in your backyard barbecuing and soaking up to the sun or bunching with your pals at your favorite spot, a crop top paired with anything denim seems like the natural choice. This fun new way to wear denim adds a little something unique and exciting to your look, and everyone will be asking where you got it! Pair your button-up denim skirt with a light and breezy crop top to give your outfit that I-just-threw-this-together look while still totally rocking it. Add a pair of funky snakeskin sneakers and you’ve got a look you can wear all day and be comfortable and stylish in. Clearly this Fashionista is ready to conquer her weekend no matter what life throws at her and she will do so looking RAD!

One Simple Change: If your brunch turns into happy hour and you want to add some edge to this look, try replacing the crop top with a sleek black bodysuit and switching out your slip-on sneakers for bold leather booties.