WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

TGIF—the acronym we are anxious to sing when Friday finally comes. Each weekend is an opportunity to reset our minds and our alarm clocks. It’s a time to abandon the books (just for a little) and venture off campus with friends. With only two days to spare, it is best to dress prepared for anything. Though the calendar has marked the first day of fall, the weather in Villanova seems to still be in its transition period. In case Mother Nature’s indecisiveness has you holding up your winter coat and khaki shorts, continue reading for some new options to try.

This Fashionisto’s outfit embodies style, comfort and practicality in one refreshing look. The light blue linen shirt is breathable and perfect for the overcast day. His textured J.Crew shorts are decorated with subtle stripes, adding interest to the casual, but classic outfit. The tan Sperry Top-Siders are walker-friendly, providing comfort and support to your feet all day long.

Overall, the versatility of the outfit is what truly caught my eye. Should the sun decide to make an appearance, he simply rolls up his sleeves and breaks out the Ray-Bans hanging around his neck…no time wasted. How’s that for weekend efficiency?

A loose long sleeve shirt paired with shorts is always a great option for cloudier days. Shoes with supportive soles will keep you on your feet longer. Pack some sunglasses and you’re all set.

One Simple Change: Just finished a round of corn hole and want to head to dinner with some friends? Cuff your sleeves and trade your shorts for denim pants. A dark-wash pair adds a nice, formal touch.