WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Summer break is almost over! Most of us want to make the most of what little free time we have left. Weekends are the perfect moment to enjoy the summer. If you are a university student there is a huge possibility that many of your friends are busy during weekdays with internships or summer jobs. So, what activities should you plan? The options are endless! You could go for ice cream, have a picnic or just catch up during lunchtime at a nice restaurant. Once you’ve decided what to do, you need to decide what to wear! This is very exciting for all the working Fashionistas because you get complete freedom with your outfits. There are absolutely no guidelines to what you can wear. Knock yourself out, and try different combinations.

This Fashionista has one of the best weekend wear outfits I’ve seen during this summer. She is wearing a royal blue chiffon midi skirt with a stripe crop top. This is the perfect combination for daytime activities. It looks chic but also very fresh and comfortable for the hot summer weather. She also wore a pair of gold and silver glitter sandals. This will allow her to easily modify her outfit to get it into a day to night look. To accessorize her outfit, she added a mini leather black backpack. This is a great alternative to the usual tote bag. Follow this Fashionista’s footsteps and end the summer with a creative outfit!

One Simple Change: So daytime is finally over but your plans are not—don’t worry! You could still use this outfit, and with a few changes, make it into the ideal day to night look. There are two things I would change. The first one is the stripe crop top. Instead, you could wear a black bandage crop top with lace details. The second change would be switching the mini backpack for a clutch. Now you are ready to enjoy a great night out with your friends.