WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Ah, the weekend. When you can finally relax and wear whatever you want because summer doesn’t have a dress code like your work place does.

A typical summer outfit for Fashionistas includes a pair of high-waisted shorts and a crop top. Of course each person has their own style that influences their outfit, and I love this Fashionista’s outfit in particular. She is wearing a long sleeve white crop top that is lightweight enough to wear on a summer weekend. It is paired with some black high-waisted shorts. Simple black and white outfits are one of my favorites looks to wear, so this caught my eye immediately.

The details in this look are minimal, but purposeful. The necklace is dainty enough to not attract all of the attention from the outfit like a statement necklace, but it breaks up the all white shirt perfectly. Her hair is in a cute messy bun which is the go-to hairstyle for girls with thick, curly hair on a hot summer day. The turquoise ring adds a tiny pop of color, and the black cross body bag is practical for weekend wear. My favorite are her snakeskin sandals from Steve Madden and her colorful aviator sunglasses.

One Simple Change: In order to change this summer weekend outfit into a cold weather outfit, you can trade in the high-waisted black shorts for some high-waisted black jeans. Swap the sandals for some black booties and then add an olive colored jacket to keep warm on breezy fall days.