WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

This summer is quickly drawing to a close and with that, we must relish all of the time of we possibly can. We will soon only have the weekends to relax and refuel so we must be able to properly take them on with some RAD style. Perhaps you’ve had a job or an internship this summer, which obliges you to wear your standard work-wear from Monday to Friday. That being said, you take full advantage of your comfortable wardrobe on the weekends. These two days are your time to say goodbye to pant suits and loafers and hello to the old faithful boyfriend jeans and booties.

Summer weekends are typically spent walking down the strip and spending our hard-earned dollars on a potentially dangerous shopping spree. In light of such, boyfriend jeans will cover all of your weekend bases. Boyfriend jeans are easy to change in and out of making them perfect for your standard day of shopping. This trend is also conveniently comfortable and pairs effortlessly with an array of tops and shoes. This Fashionista paired hers with a simple navy tank top. A fitted tank top will evenly counteract the oversized pants. This outfit is perfectly paired with a sleek pair of black booties. The comfort and ease of this outfit will have you enjoying your days off to the fullest.

One Simple Change: Of course, the weekends are also meant to blow off some steam. To take this outfit from your standard weekend wear to a fabulous girl’s night out, simply slip out of your booties and add your favourite ‘barely-there’ heels. The sophistication of the heel will instantly dress up the distressed denim.