WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

School is approaching faster than we expected, so now is the perfect time to hang out with your friends before they leave for college. If you are like me, you are receiving last minute calls to help your BFF pack to move into her dorm room next week or are even boxing up your own room. Packing is already stressful, so why make your “perfect hang out outfit” any more difficult than it has to be? This Fashionista shows us how to rock a casual outfit suited for anything that may come her way during these last couple of weeks!

This Fashionista is getting ready to experience one of the greatest life changing moments of her life. She is starting college. Taking AP classes during her high school career, she is ready for all the extra work college is promised to give. However, she is not willing to give up her style for a little extra stress.

Starting from the bottom, this newly freshman Fashionista traded in her favorite pair of Nike gym shoes for a classic pair of ballerina flats, to give her a new look entering college. To top it off, these comfortable flats make it easier for this Fashionista to stand on her feet all day while moving boxes. Let’s check out her jeans! She is rocking a dark pair of skinny jeans, which she also pointed out have a lot of stretch. This Fashionista threw on her favorite Aztec print, graphic T-shirt and decided to rock her classic bun to keep her hair out of her face. She is ready to have fun, stay cute and work hard!

One Simple Change: I would carry a denim jacket just in case it gets chilly at night or you and your friends make a last minute decision to catch the latest movie!