WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Weekends are for rest and relaxation, or they’re for running simple errands you were too busy to get to during the week. Either way, weekends are all about time to yourself mixed with a few encounters with friends and family. During the week we get all dressed up for class and work. We make sure each and every outfit is perfect, from our sunglasses to our shoes the entire outfit has to be on point. On the weekend we can relax a little bit, let out hair down and wear something comfortable while still being stylish. My favorite outfit to wear on the weekend is jeans and a cute top. There is something about a pair of jeans that just feels like the weekend.

I was on my way to our campuses local coffee shop when I ran into this lovely Fashionista. Her outfit stood out to me because of how relaxed she looked in it. Her jeans were straight legged, a little on the baggy side and cuffed at the bottom. She paired her jeans with an exciting tie-dyed top with a lace trim around the bottom seam of the tank top. This outfit is perfect for catching up on your weekend errands, meeting your friends for coffee or going for a relaxing walk through your local park. Its quick, easy and still very stylish.

One Simple Change: To take this outfit from weekend day to weekend night add a pair of brown wedges and a light denim colored jean jacket. This will give the look a dressier, yet casual look perfect for a relaxing night.