WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Seriously, who doesn’t love the weekend? It gives me the chance to do whatever I want, and believe me, sleeping in is at the top of my list. But the weekends can also get pretty packed with family events and hanging out with friends. I never know what the weekend has in store for me, so I try to wear things that are appropriate for any occasion. Because the possibilities are endless, I tend to gravitate towards looks that are comfortable, yet put together.

I spotted this Fashionista downtown while she was shopping. What first caught my eye about her look was that it was clean and simple. Skirts and dresses are my favorite things to wear while running errands because you can throw them on before heading out the door without much effort. This Fashionista’s chambray circle skirt is on-trend for summer but its A-line cut gave it a unique twist. Denim can be hard to wear during the warmer months; however, chambray is a great alternative textile because it gives a similar look without the weight. She kept her outfit casual by tucking a plain white T-shirt. Usually if I wear a piece of clothing that has volume, I’ll balance it out with another that is more fitted. However, I really liked that she opted for an oversized shirt because it gave the outfit a more relaxed feel.

For shoes, she went with a pair of white Birkenstocks. Her Birkenstocks really elevated her look and gave her outfit a cool and modern feel. Shoes like these can seem a little high maintenance because they can get dirty quickly if you wear them often. If you’re worried about the up-keep, choose lightly colored shoes made of durable material such as leather; you can easily clean them up in seconds. To finish off her look, she wore a white watch, intricately designed earrings, and tortoise shell Clubmaster sunglasses.

Stay #RAD this weekend and pair your Birkenstocks with a denim skirt for a look that’s effortlessly on trend.

One Simple Change: Headed out for a night on the town after your family filled evening? Switch out the oversized shirt for a crop-top and your Birkenstocks for gladiator sandals and you’re ready for a girls night out.