WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

It’s the weekend and you need to run some errands; you want to quickly throw on a casual outfit but still look cute since you’ll be out and about all day. To ensure your look is effortless just make sure to follow this Fashionista’s lead.

This Fashionista wore medium-wash, ankle-length skinny jeans with zipper detailing along the ankle. She paired it with a plain black cotton T-shirt and a black lacy bralette underneath. She accessorized the outfit with an orange statement necklace to add some color to her ensemble and simple rings and bracelets to maintain her laid back vibe. She then topped off the outfit with snake-skin patterned flip flops to offset the warmth of her jeans and a sturdy black purse big enough to hold her wallet, sunglasses, car keys and anything else needed to run errands. To add a couple of girly touches to the outfit she loosely curled her hair and painted her nails hot pink. Both of these details help make her look more put together and feminine.

One Simple Change: If you plan to go bar hopping later that night with your friends simply swap your flip flops with wedges and your purse for a smaller cross-body bag or clutch. If you want to go even further you can swap your T-shirt for a sheer tank top to let your bralette stand out and give your ensemble some edge. Add some red lipstick as a finishing touch to pull it all together and you’re good to go.