WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

There are a lot of different styles that we can get away with over the weekends. Five days a week, we are limited to our professional ensembles whether it’s for class or work. If you’re like me and you’re taking a summer class and interning a couple days a week, you bet that weekends are something I look forward to. Relaxing in Central Park or having outdoor coffee at Café Grumpy with a book in hand is probably my favorite thing to do. But, of course, I have to match a trendy outfit to my adventures, whether I’m with people or not.

This Fashionisto created the perfect ensemble for his weekend adventures. He kept it simple and snazzy with a pink button-down and denim. I LOVE when a man wears pink especially in the summer! It’s such a cool-toned color and looks breezy even when it’s a dressy button-down. This Fashionisto’s shirt complements his skin-tone and the overall color story of his outfit. He added some trend to his look by wearing brown winged-tip dress shoes. If you’ve been following my articles, you know that I’m obsessed with cuffed pants because they always add an interesting detail to a man’s look. It looks casual yet comfortable! This Fashionisto finished off his look with a straw hat and some awesome sunglasses. The power of a great weekend lies within your outfit and his is look is perfect for a summer weekend in the city!

One Simple Change: Is one of your weekend adventures a date night? No problem! You can lose the hat and the sunglasses but add a gray pullover sweater to complement the pink. It also dresses up the outfit a lot more by adding an extra detail. To complete the look, accessorize your outfit with a watch and some brown braided bracelets and you’re all decked out for a successful date!