WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

About 99 percent of the female population wears yoga pants while realistically less than 10 percent actually do yoga. So why does everyone wear them? They are the most comfortable things in the world and the cutest addition to any outfit. There is no better day to be a pair of yoga pants. They come in so many different designs, patterns and styles that you can do just about anything with a pair, way beyond working out. With just the right pairing, you can wear casually wear throughout the day what was originally designed as workout clothing. When you are running errands or on a shopping binge throughout the weekend, there is nothing better than feeling comfortable and ready to go with a pair of Lulus or Fabletics.

Take, for example, our Fashionista of the week. She wore this outfit both to run errands and later to the gym and pulled it off throughout the entire day! Start creating this outfit by choosing a pair of epic leggings you are going to sport that day (pun intended) and build the outfit from there. Because the leggings are usually the most standout part of an outfit, the rest of the outfit should be neutral. Pick a neutral colored workout top or tank top and add a neutral casual sweater or cardigan that flows with the color scheme of the outfit.  Then, to pull the entire look together and make it easy to make the ultimate transition later in the day, throw on flats or sandals such as our Fashionista’s sneakers. The sweater and sneakers transform the yoga leggings and workout top into a casual weekend outfit – you don’t even notice that they are technically gym clothing! Of course, this Fashionista kills the entire outfit by adding additional sass with her classic Ray-Bans.

One Simple Change:  You can easily change this weekend wear outfit into a workout one when you go to the gym that day!  Bring a pair of running shoes with you in a bag and take off the sweater in order to turn this outfit into a classic workout outfit.  It’s that easy.