WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

I’m sure this has been a busy summer for all of us so far. We’ve all been working, interning, going to events, taking classes and visiting friends. I don’t know about you, but when the weekend rolls around, I instantly get just a little bit happier. The weekend is the best time to sleep in (if you can) and slow things down a bit. It’s when you can really recharge, even if you’re still pretty busy.

I stumbled upon this Fashionista in New York while she was wearing the perfect weekend outfit. It was simple but accessorized, and the colors just screamed “relaxed” to me. I’m a sucker for casual ensembles.

Our Fashionista wore a thin military jacket in a neutral, muted camel color. The jacket was loose, but not enough to take away from her figure. Underneath, she wore a black tank and black jeans, which went so well with the natural theme she had going on. I liked the fact that she rolled up the sleeves to give her look an effortless vibe. Don’t we all want to look effortlessly chic on the weekends?

To accessorize, our Fashionista wore a rose gold watch to bring a little glimmer to her natural attire. She also had on a hot pink string bracelet next to her watch, which acted like a mini pop of color. On her other wrist, she had a braided leather bracelet in the same camel color with golden accents. Her purse was also a neutral camel color that matched her jacket perfectly.

Here’s what made our Fashionista’s outfit: her shoes. She wore leopard print flats that made this neutral look come alive. Flats are a great choice for the weekend (as long as they’re broken in) because they slip right on, and you’re on your way!

Now, everyone go enjoy your weekend and stay #RAD!

One Simple Change: To take this look into the night (it is the weekend, after all), you can switch out the flats for a colorful pair of heels. If it gets too hot, ditch the jacket and go out in the all-black outfit that was underneath.