WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

For most students, summer break feels like weekdays and weekends are mixed together. There is no schoolwork, so everyday could be your dress-up day. For students who are still on campus taking classes this is not the case. The intensity of the class makes weekends the days to drop the pen and go outside.

This Fashionista and her friends just came back from shopping at the mall. She’s in a floral print lace top with the printed words: RISE TO FAME. A light color top with bright print patterns fits her dark skin tone, bringing out the summer taste. Since it was a little windy last weekend, she out on a polyester material dark blue skirt. The upper folds elongate her upper body. They also add a sense of dimension into the outfit. It’s true that more colors could bring mistakes. However, this Fahsionista made a compatible color choice. White, dark blue and metallic gray never look so harmonious together.

The yellowish-gray purse with metallic decoration fits her sandals on color choice. A pair of sandals that looks pretty and wears comfortable are important for weekend outings. The two layers, one made out of wood and one out of sponge, make sure the shoes feel lightweight and last longer. Her feet nails are also painted in dark blue. On the whole, her outfit is colorful and the pieces match each other. A sunny weekday could be settled when you have the outfit and her beautiful smile.

One Simple Change: After the shopping you and your girl decide to have a fancy dinner on this weekend night. Change the casual sandals into a pair of gorgeous high heels and you are ready to dine out!