WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

No matter what point of your life you are in, you have probably always looked forward to the weekend. Why wouldn’t you? The weekend seems to be the only time during the week that you can relax and have fun. While growing up it was the couple of days of reprieve from school, and now it is probably your couple of days of reprieve from work. The weekend is the perfect time to hang out with loved ones, relax or maybe even be spontaneous and go on an adventure to a new place or try some new things. Whether you are just taking a morning stroll to the nearby flea market or going to jam out at a music festival with your girls, your weekend wear has to be ready for both options and everything in-between.

This Fashionista has a look that is ready for any spot on the weekend spectrum. She is wearing a sweet and simple crop top that is perfect for keeping cool on a hot summer day. However, she also is wearing a lace cardigan which will prevent her from freezing when she stops by a restaurant or store that is blasting the air conditioning. The lace adds an interesting girly flair to her look. A maxi skirt is a perfect addition to a weekend wear outfit because it is not only practical, but also adds a fun and flirty vibe to the look. Wearing a maxi skirt is a great way to protect yourself from bug bites and sunburn due to its long length. It also is made out of a very lightweight fabric so it can hug your body and show of some of your best assets without making your legs feel hot and suffocated. To top off the look she added some unique knee-high gladiator sandals, earthy rings, a zodiac bracelet and a pair of big lens sunglasses. These more interesting and personalized items show off her unique and one of a kind personality. Overall, her look is very versatile and gives her that boho glow that will be perfect for any adventure she has this weekend.

One Simple Change: If you want to take this summer weekend outfit and make it fall-ready, switch out the material of the cardigan. Swapping the lightweight lace for a thicker jean jacket or army jacket will still keep your look versatile and boho chic without costing you comfort in the chillier weather.