WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

High school summers are over and college has officially become the center of our lives. Internships take over our weekdays making weekends our time to hit the town running. From beach days to brunching with my gals, this summer’s heat has taken minimalist dressing to the next level. Shorts and a cute T-shirt or a small sundress are an awesome way to keep cool on these hot summer days.

I caught this Fashionista on Columbia’s campus as she was waiting for her gal to head down to go to the beach. Her cute summer dress is the perfect swimsuit cover up. This watermelon-colored sundress brings out the soft tones in her skin, complementing her sun kissed skin. Adding a simple necklace to her look, this Fashionista added some depth.

Accessories for a day out on the town can be a little tricky. This Fashionista’s beach bag is the perfect size to jump onto the busy subway without bumping into everyone. The color pattern added some flavor, switching it up from the solid blocked color. I love that she chose to wear flip flops with a leather bottom. This style is easy to rid sand and comfortable to walk distances in. Another added quality this Fashionista has is freshly manicured nails. A huge thing I learned while working in film and fashion is that nails are an insight into how well you keep up with yourself.

One Simple Change: Heading to a brunch with your gals? Swap out the swimsuit for a simple bralette, add a pair of Birkenstocks and an over-the-shoulder clutch. This will keep things simple and give you more mobility in case you choose to explore the town afterward.