WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

During the summer, a lot of us are working—some of us work 9 to 5’s, some retail (which involves a crazy schedule FYI) or maybe even nannying every day for a neighborhood kid. Either way, we’re all pretty exhausted and probably tired of our work “uniform,” no matter what the job. I’m at the point in summer where I just want to sit, lounge around a pool, and not have to worry about customers crowding my workplace. There is only one thing that gets me through my week, and that’s knowing that the weekend isn’t too far away!

The weekend is when you get to wear your favorite outfits with no repercussions—you have the ability to freely express yourself through your style of choice! Personally, I love hanging around in something cute comfy during the day like high-waisted shorts and a cropped tank, then switching it up to something dressier, like jeans and a nice top, for when I go out at night! The summer heat definitely makes it hard for me to put in full effort during the day, so I typically put most of my energy into my night outfit.

This Fashionista, however, dresses just as awesome during the day as she does at night time during the weekend. With a graphic T-shirt featuring ’90s grunge legends Nirvana, slouchy Free People pants, black Birkenstocks and a long black and bronze necklace, this outfit gives off an effortlessly cool bohemian vibe. This look is perfect for a weekend during the California summer. Her T-shirt and slouchy pants are super comfy and allow the high temperature air to pass free, so they actually keep her feeling pretty cool. The black braided necklace add a nice accent to the outfit without overpowering it! During the day, this cool and comfy outfit is the perfect go-to for the weekend.

One Simple Change: Sometimes, even I don’t feel like changing into a different outfit for the night, and sometimes I don’t even get the chance! So when the night gets cold, throw on an oversized cardigan to keep your upper body warm, and switch the Birkenstocks for some cute ankle boots to protect your toes from the chill. The weekend is all about relaxing and hanging out with your best friends, so enjoy your weekend with an awesome look!