WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

The summer is moving along and it seems like the weekend activities are getting redundant. Either you’re in bed watching Netflix or you’re at your friend’s house…watching Netflix (don’t forget the occasional beach trip to spice things up!). But sometimes you just have to get outside and do something! When you find that thing to do, it’s hard to know what to throw on and just go, which makes maxi dresses perfect! From walking around your local park to walking around New York City, a maxi dress is a perfect piece to throw on and look cute but still be comfortable!

Keeping it simple, this Fashionista looks totally effortless in her maxi dress! This maxi dress is anything but plain and simple. First of all, the amazing neon colored flowers and Aztec print embroidered onto the top add a perfect pop of color. The lace on the top adds a delicate and feminine feel, not to mention the same lace is used to panel the sides of the dress, which give the dress texture and adds something a little extra. The lace really gives the dress more dimension compared to having the bottom be completely linen. For a finishing touch, this Fashionista adds a casual pair of sandals and a tan felt hat that looks totally RAD! The hat mixed with the flowy maxi dress really gives a casual bohemian look that is ready to take you anywhere!

One Simple Change: It’s night and you’re going out on a date, so you take the hat off and put your hair up into an easy up-do or ballet bun. The low up-do gives the outfit a romantic look!