WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

There’s no debate that cotton is the most comfortable material known to mankind. Aside from being soft, it looks good too. Who doesn’t want to look and feel good while hanging out all weekend long? After all, that is the goal.

This Fashionista is seen sporting a nice charcoal gray drawstring romper. The best feature, however, would have to be the pockets! You might have some loose change you want to carry around that you’d like to stick in them or maybe your favorite pair of lip gloss that you can’t leave home without. You never realize how much of a blessing pockets truly are until you’re stuck wearing an outfit that doesn’t have any.

We all have those random weekends where we’re completely unaware of what we’ll do. All you know is that you want to kick back, relax and maybe even have some fun. This wardrobe would be ideal for those who prefer to lounge around the house because the material makes it feels as if you’re in pajamas all day. If you decide to step outside and maybe take a nice walk on the beach or a stroll through the park, you wouldn’t even need to change into any workout clothes. Dinner and a movie, maybe? No problem at all. This casual romper allows you to go anywhere without having to worry if you’re over or under dressed. Overall, this style is about versatility and comfort, so if ever your plans over the weekend were to change, you’d be able to pick up and go at any moment.

Worn with her romper is a beautiful handmade beaded bracelet, retro round cheetah print sunglasses, classical rhinestone earrings, black strap sandals and a black BCBG cross-body bag. A lot of accessories aren’t necessary with such a simple look, but these items are basic add-ons.

One Simple Change: Decided to grab some Sunday brunch? Simply change your sandals to a pair of wedges for a more dressed up look.