WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

July 17th, 2015 at 2:00am

You slowly open your eyes, look around your room and peek at your clock. No, you did not just wake up to an obnoxious alarm informing you that you’re already running late to your first class. So this can only mean one thing. It’s the weekend. Do you get up right away or go back to sleep? You decide to get up because you have now realized that there are many errands to run and friends to see.

Weekend wear is tricky because you have no excuse to look like you are going to the gym when you haven’t been in months. You have to put something other than your Lulu’s on, and it isn’t acceptable to run around in sweatpants or pajamas either. This is where trendy meets comfort. So step aside diamonds because boho pants are a girl’s new best friend.

Boho pants are great for any weekend event. Running around and doing errands can be fun when your legs can actually breathe. If you’re meeting a friend for some brunch and gossip, dress up the look with a handbag and a chunky necklace. This particular Fashionista chose a casual navy tank top to emphasize the detailing in her pants. The beige cross-body bag is a perfect accessory to accompany any task. It is casual enough to run around with but still dressy enough to make a small visit to a guy you have been crushing on in class. I have also always been a fan of flip flops. While some choose Converse as their go-to shoes, this Fashionista and I agree that our feet need to breathe. Her stylish glasses and low ponytail are perfectly comfortable while avoiding the sloppy attitude.

One Simple Change: If this Fashionista decided to go on a casual dinner date, she can swap out her flip flops for some small booties with a little heel. Letting her hair down and leaving the glasses at home would be the smart option if she wants to impress that same crush from class. Depending on the restaurant, a long and dangling necklace can always slightly dress up any outfit.