WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Hey Fashionistas and Fashionistos! We all love an oversized flannel at any time of the year, whether it be to wear during the summer or stocking up for the fall. We all need a little flannel in our wardrobe! This outfit is a great outfit to wear out on a weekend with friends. It is comfortable yet still captures the grunge aesthetic that this Fashionista loves.

This Fashionista was pounding the campus pavement with her friends when the blue caught my eye! I really loved the way she layered a blue oversized flannel over her high-wasted denim skirt. The way she easily transitioned the flannel from covering her arms to wrapping around her waist gave her a different look altogether. This transition is a great example of how this outfit can be worn for the weekend. If the weather gets too warm, it is an easy fix by tying your flannel around your waist. This Fashionista really grasped the concept of the pale grunge style and made it look so easy to pull of such an interesting outfit. She told me she loves to mix up her styles every day to keep her creativity flowing.

This Fashionista mentioned that she loves to stand out in a crowd with her wardrobe, and this outfit did just that. I fell in love with her vintage high-wasted denim skirt and how she tucked her white tank top in her skirt as well. The revealed button skirt added the vintage vibe to her grunge outfit, as well as the pale colors she used in creating this look.

She finished her look with her bracelets that also added a small boho flair. I simply loved the way she incorporated such a simple and small detail, such as her bracelets, into one look to help everything stand out! I believe bracelets add a youthful and free spirited vibe to any outfit!

One Simple Change: Trade the white Converse shoes for a pair of beige booties to create a boho themed look. To completely change the look also trade the flannel for a kimono that will be a great outfit for a girl’s night out!