WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

July 7th, 2015 at 2:10am

One of my close friends in grade school wore rompers up until fifth grade. Being her childhood BFF, I teased years later in high school and called them “onesies”. How was I supposed to know “onesies” would make a seemingly permanent comback in the next few years?

In all fairness, rompers did originate as a children’s clothing item before being introduced to womenswear in the 1950s. The full-length jumpsuit took over briefly in the 1970s, and today both styles have seemingly become wardrobe staples. If you’re anything like me the romper is your go-to summer weekend wear outfit choice and here’s a few reasons why.

They’re easy. No need to play the matching game. Slip on a romper with a pair of sandals and you’re ready to hit the mall with your ladies or catch a movie with your significant other. Keep it casual with simple accessories like the featured Fashionista’s colorful frames. A romper also makes a great swimsuit coverup for a day at the pool.

They’re versatile. Switch out your sandals for a hot pair of wedges and behold the simplest fashion upgrade there ever was. This week’s featured Fashionista is sporting a romper with a great floral print that can be worn in many different ways to extend it’s versatility.

They’re comfy. There’s a reason this style of garment was adopted from childrenswear. It’s as playful and functional as a pair of shorts but with the femininity and ease of a dress. In addition, when battling the heat and humidity of mid-Missouri in summer the backless option like this Fashionista’s is a must.

One Simple Change: Throw on a vest and a pair of moccasins to take on those summer concerts by storm. A romper is the perfect outfit to dance the night away!