WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

July 6th, 2015 at 2:00am

The two days of the week known for being the all time favorite are Saturday and Sunday. Oh the weekend! It is the time of the week when people plan fun activities due to their free schedule. Whether it involves weekend vacations in other places, a nice brunch with friends or relaxing at home, there is an outfit for every occasion. Since it is the summertime, there are more options to go outside and to different places due to the amazing weather. Personally, I love to take the weekends to let my body wake up whenever it needs to, and right after, start my day fresh with a rewarding outfit. Since the wintertime called for major layering, now it is the time to shed that extra fabric. Light clothing with lots of accessories is the ideal outfit of choice for the weekend. You can also go for different colors that cover a wider variety of the color wheel.

With all of this in mind, this Fashionista couple exemplified the perfect weekend outfit. While out either in a day date or just a stroll around town, both outfits have a comfortable factor without sacrificing style. She opted for a lightweight, summer inspired dress. My favorite part of the look is the wide rimmed, black beach hat that protects your face from the harsh rays of the weekend sun. The outfit is polished off with a cute belt and comfy sandals. However, this Fashionisto does not get left behind. In order to represent summer and the spirit f the weekend, the light colors resemble the airy quality of the time. It is a perfect way to take a serious outfit and play it up for daytime activities. The brown accents in the belt, sunglasses and shoes tie the whole ensemble together. Together, the couple makes a perfect balance.

One Simple Change: In order to elevate her look for daytime parties, change the sandals to some cute wedges. Also, pick up your hair, take off the hat and put on some cute long earrings.