WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

On the weekends, I like to keep my style casual and fashionable or try out a new item of clothing while I’m out and about. A great, versatile go-to outfit that’s casual and pulled together are jeans and a blouse. Why is it so versatile? No matter what style you embody, you can find a blouse that screams your style and wear your favorite jeans. You can wear sandals or flats with this and style your hair up or down. It’s a huge time saver and more comfortable as well.

I always love finding one-of-a-kind pieces to wear! It makes my style more unique to me while it also stands out if I want to make a statement. I’m also a fan of saving money when I can. You’d be surprised what you can sometimes find in thrift stores! Even though I don’t go thrifting often, it’s so much fun to find potential in items you’d never find at other places. I don’t have the skills of some of the seamstresses I know, but I know enough to upcycle or reinvent an item of clothing. I love getting creative!

When I spotted this fashionista, I couldn’t help but notice her vintage vibe! This blouse definitely made a statement with the orange flowers against the black background. She tucked it in casually to her vintage boyfriend-inspired jeans. She then rolled her stylish and comfortable jeans to show off her strappy black leather sandals. As for accessories, she kept it simple with a plain silver necklace, silver stud earrings and her awesome septum barbell. What I really loved was that she had a flash tattoo on her chest that the blouse and necklace perfectly emphasized! It was unexpected and really cool! She styled her hair up and wore a black bandana for an added accessory. This really opened up her face and showed off how nicely her makeup was done and how strong her brow game was!

One Simple Change: Take this look from weekend wear to traveling in style by switching out strappy shoes for slip on sandals instead. Add a stylish backpack to keep your necessities in and you’re set for takeoff!