WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Whether it’s a jam-packed summer vacation or the start of a busy summer term, a break on the weekend is always a breath of fresh air. If you’re fortunate enough to live near or in a big city, shopping trips always seem to be a fabulous idea. Weekend shopping sprees call for chic outfits and this Fashionista combined several minimalist pieces for a magazine-worthy outfit.

This Fashionista’s outfit is brought to life by her addition of an olive colored utility jacket. By throwing this piece in, it gave some excitement to a typical white T-shirt blue jeans ensemble. But she was also able to mix that up too, by simply trading a T-shirt in for a sweet white crop top and high-waisted jeans for a feistier vibe.

Her accessories also added some eye candy and drew attention to her wrists and neck. Simple metallic bracelets and an iridescent crystal necklace provided some earthy tones and kept her outfit feeling laid back. Her choices exemplify easy accessories that won’t get in the way of weekend festivities, no matter what your plans are.

Her chestnut, woven loafers were a unique twist to a classic shoe but also kept things casual for her weekend. The shoes were a comfortable choice for shopping her heart out through one of Portland’s most stylish areas. A pair like this should be in everyone’s closet and are easy to slip on and off whether you’re shopping or on a froyo date.

Altogether, this Fashionista executed her own authentic outfit by using trendy pieces. By mixing up cuts of fabrics, shoe styles and accessory types, she created a stylish ensemble and owned it. By finishing it all off with a fringe leather bag and cool girl aviators, this Fashionista rocked her weekend with a rad ensemble.

One Simple Change: Is a girl’s night out following your weekend day plans? Try switching out your loafers for some high-heeled booties or adding a flirty pencil skirt. Even a swipe of sultry lipstick can turn this outfit from day to night!