WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

The weekend is the most important time of the week. It is the time of the week when people have the most free time and it’s certainly the most fun. There is just so much to do: day trips to the beach, going out with friends or simply just having a day filled with shopping. However, the best part of it all is picking out the outfit to have all of this fun in. This is something that I can relate to because I take about five hours deciding what to wear, only to end up in a T-shirt and jeans.

While at the mall, I came across this Fashionista and I absolutely loved her outfit; it would have taken me a week to put together what she has on. I would describe her attire as punk-girl-chic. This Fashionista’s ensemble had the right level of chic with a combination of punk. A a petite girl, she really rocked the look. The way that she wore her black jogger pants, rolled up instead of at the ankles, elongated her legs and made her look quite taller. She paired her jogger pants with a white, short sleeve button-up, which she tied in order to look a tad girly. This evened out the girly tone from her Chanel suspenders. She finished off her ensemble with a black summer hat and black wedges. Accessories should never be left out! This Fashionista is wearing a necklace, watch and bracelets in gold and silver.

One Simple Change: Going out at night and don’t have time to change into a new outfit? Lose the hat and the suspenders, switch up the wedges with your favorite pair of black stilettos and you are ready to go!