WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

As a dedicated Fashionista/o, it is very likely that you are also a recovering (or floundering) shopaholic. Not sure or perhaps in denial? Well let’s take a test. Do you often find yourself making excuses as to why you need an outfit or certain pair of shoes in your life? Do you search for the most miniscule differences in items that are similar to ones that you already own to justify your purchase ? Have you somewhat subconsciously begun to live by the motto “retail therapy is the best therapy”? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you are a shopaholic.

Hello, my name is Keishorea Armstrong and I am a chronic shopaholic. I am incapable of passing up a great deal or a new pair of must have shoes. I spend my weekends at the mall, gold jewelry is my kryptonite and I’ve recently developed an unhealthy addiction to increasing my already sufficient makeup collection. However, my addiction is what led to me to discover this gorgeous Fashionista today.

While wandering the streets of downtown Brooklyn in search of my next trend-savvy purchase, I spotted this Fashionista strutting effortlessly down the busy New York City streets. In a sea of people, this Fashionista easily stood out. Her strappy sunflower dress and bright pink sneakers brought life back to this monochromatic city.The city of lights is often lost in the hustle and bustle of things so this Fashionista was ready to reign in the weekend!

From a girl’s night out to a shopping spree in Soho, this feminine-chic outfit is weekend ready. This Fashionista’s fit and flare dress perfectly accentuated her curves by cinching her waist and accentuating her legs. Her messy updo pulled back by her fashionable sunglasses, spoke to the overall effortlessness of the look. Her studded leather black bag was the perfect addition to this RAD ensemble. I mean, who said feminine-chic couldn’t be a little edgy?

My favorite part of this outfit would have to be this Fashionista’s hot pink sneakers. Being a sneaker junkie, I was astounded to find that she was able to style running sneakers with feminine chic attire. I just love when a Fashionista’s look has elements that challenge traditional trends. Comfy and cute? Now that’s an offer I cant resist!

One Simple Change: If you loved this outfit as much as I did then you probably don’t want to change anything about this look. I love that this Fashionista chose to let her outfit do all the speaking but I think that with a little bit more lash love, this look would truly be New York City ready. I personally recommend the Maybelline Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara to really plump up those lashes. This will not only draw attention to your eyes but also further enhance the overall femininity of this look, making it perfect for a girl’s night out.