WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Let’s be honest. Weekend wear gets a bad rap. Often seen as overly comfortable with a too small dash of style, it forces its way into our heads as a mixture of sweatpants and hoodies. However, as style becomes more about personal expression and less about presenting yourself for others, weekend wear has had a chance to make a comeback that can be even better that the über stylish ensembles of the weekday warrior. As graduation time looms and the sun starts to make its debut in the chilly North, students everywhere are taking advantage of receiving their degree classifications to relax and kick back. As a result, weekend wear has become the style of choice for all those still left milling about St. Andrews. I mean, seriously, once university is over, every day is the weekend!

This Fashionista has nailed this style on a particularly sunny day and has left the coat at home to boot! The look starts off with cropped black leggings, the basic that simply never goes out of style and which provide good back up warmth in case the clouds come in to play. Neutral layered shirts with just a hint of lavender lighten up the the mood of the black leggings and flats and pander to the cream scarf that helps keep the breeze at bay. The loose nature of each item of clothing calls comfort to mind while also keeping an air of class, and her flowing hair calls to mind something akin to beach waves (which we all know are the epitome of effortless style.) While she has hit the nail on the head with her clothing, I find that the most important part of keeping the weekend look stylish is to master the details. This Fashionista has it figured out. Her nails are neatly painted in a light color, and she wears a mix of simple gold and silver jewelry. She really brings the whole look together.

One Simple Change: To take this outfit from weekend day to weekend evening, simply add a leather jacket or monochrome blazer. This combination is perfect day to night outfit for a chill evening of appetizers and cocktails or a get together at someone’s house.