WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Everyone always looks forward to the weekend. It is the time to just kick back and enjoy the break from working or studying hard. There is always so much to do during the weekend, but so little time. Some days you have plans back to back and other days you just want to stay in and watch the latest Netflix series. When you do have those days filled with a lot of activities, it can be hard finding one outfit that will cater to all your plans. This Fashionista has no sweat finding her perfect weekend wear. From going to the mall to hanging out with her boyfriend, she found a stylish outfit that will keep up with her fun weekend activities.

This Fashionista describes her outfit as feminine and comfortable. She pairs a light, pink blush tank top with some printed pants. The pants are floral with greens, pinks and purples. She says the pants are super comfortable and aren’t thick, so they are perfect for the summer days. With all those plans, she needs shoes that will look good but not hurt. Her tan, flat sandals with embellishments are not only great with her outfit, but for the busy plans ahead. They go perfect with the color scheme in her outfit. And what is an outfit without it’s accessories? She adds a long gold cross necklace with roses and crystals as the embellishments. It does a perfect job tying the whole outfit together. This Fashionista is ready for the fun and stylish weekend ahead of her.

One Simple Change: The weekend can be filled with an array of actives. One of those activities can be a date night. If this Fashionista decides to go out with her boyfriend, she just needs to change one thing about this outfit so that it is date night ready. She can switch out here cute sandals with either some strappy heeled sandals or wedges. If heels aren’t your thing, you can keep the sandals and change the tank top to a blouse. Either switch will dress up the outfit and give it a less casual look.