WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

With summer in full bloom and weekend events coming up, every Fashionista must have the perfect weekend outfit ready to rock at a moment’s notice. This Fashionista decided that her weekend outfit would not only be bright and eye-catching but also made sure it reflected her own personality. This outfit is comfortable and stylish, perfect for a weekend in the city or an outdoor shopping trip.

This summer dress is in a nautical print, and its vibrant turquoise color really attracts attention. The Fahionista took this printed dress to the next level by adding a lightweight, bohemian-inspired cardigan from Hollister Co. and a skinny belt from Forever 21 that flatters her waist. She paired the dress with brown wedges and accessories that added her own fashionable flair to the outfit. By adding braided headbands and feathers in her hair, this Fashionista brought out her inner flower child while still keeping the look classy. This outfit is comfortable for the Fashionista to be out and about in, and is also very versatile.

One Simple Change: This outfit can be changed very easily to fit another occasion. By simply removing a few pieces, the look can be made more casual. The outfit can be dressed down by removing the boho accessories, the cardigan and the wedges. By adding sandals and a few woven bracelets, the outfit is ready for a summer day cook out, or possibly an outdoor graduation party. Overall, this Fashionista is sure to rock her weekend outing in the city with style!