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WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Weekends in the city are amazing. There are countless places to see, hoards of people to talk to and loads of yummy treats to eat. With a to-do list and a portable phone charger in tote you are ready to hit the streets. Hold up. Don’t forget about the most important aspect for the perfect day on the town: your outfit. Honestly, your clothing choices can make or break a great weekend adventure. Wearing something light and breezy will contribute to your comfort and overall satisfaction for the day. Comfort doesn’t have to mean boring, and this Fashionista can attest to that.

On an uncharacteristically chilly summer day, this Fashionista geared up for a full day of exploration in style. She wore an airy maxi dress with a blue shibori pattern. Pants can be restricting when you are walking around all day. Opting for a chic summer maxi allows for maximum comfort for those long treks in the city. Will layers ever go out of style? No, they won’t. For protection against the winds, she stylishly tied up a chambray shirt. Layers give the look added dimension and personality.

The most important facet of her outfit is her choice of shoe. Comfortable shoes are a huge must for weekend excursions. This Fashionista opted for a pair of tan Birkenstocks. They also complement her bohemian style. Around her shoulder she wears a tan leather purse. It is smart to carry around a bag that is not too heavy. Her purse is the perfect size for a day out and the color stands out against the blue palette. To top off her look, she slips on some dainty jewelry. Her pieces add pretty detail without being distracting.

As you prepare for a weekend on the town keep these tips in mind. No one wants to be uncomfortable when there are so many things to do!

One Simple Change: After an exhausting day on the town, you and your friends decide to have a girl’s night out. Swap out the chambray shirt for a vegan leather jacket and slip on a pair of ankle booties. You will be turning heads all night!