WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Heading out on the town for the night? Or just a casual stroll by the lake? Whatever the weekend brings you’ll want to be prepared. So let’s shine the spotlight on the Fashionisto in this week’s article because he finds a balance between a relaxed look as well as a put together classic feel. He takes his printed collar shirt to the next level and creates a casual ready to go out look perfectly.

This casual carefree look helps give this Fashionisto a cool vibe that’ll last all day. This outfit works well for those unknown weekend plans because with a funky collared shirt, tan pants and a classy pair of sneakers he’ll be ready to take on a day date on Friday or a late night on Saturday. The spontaneousness of the collared shirt helps show this Fashionisto’s fun side as well as his stylish side. Pairing the shirt with tan pants helps tone down the shirt a bit with its neutral color. After perfecting the top and bottoms, his shoes come into play. This Fashionisto already put a lot of thought into his shirt and pants, all he has to do is find his favorite pair of similar colored sneakers and he’s ready for what the weekend has in store for him.

One Simple Change: Since it is summer, there’s always time for vacation, right? Well if you are heading somewhere with your family or taking a road trip with friends there are a couple of simple changes that could help turn this outfit into the perfect vacation ensemble. Instead of tan pants, grab a pair of khaki shorts and throw a pair of man sandals into your suitcase. Keep the detailed collared shirt with the other simple changes and you’ll be the talk of the trip.